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Yes. It is mandatory to register during trial period and subscription period.

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No, you should register only once. You can use your registration anytime in future.

You can access the issues of last 60 days from the current date in the E-paper archives. This feature is available for subscription of 1 month or more.
You can always select a back date from the calendar on the tool bar or ‘Change Date’ from the left menu to view that page. Once the preferred date is chosen, you can read the E-paper of that date.

You will not be able to access the archives in ‘Single issue’ plan.

You can request for changing the edition. However, Mathrubhumi reserves the right to reject the request without assigning any reason.

Yes. You can subscribe to as many editions as you wish paying the charge for each edition.

No. Subscription cannot be cancelled midway.

No. You have to renew subscription after expiry.

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Users can read all the pages during their trial period. However, they cannot view the archives before their subscription date.

We have multiple print runs for all editions. For E-paper we consider the latest edition.

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No. We will not send E-paper by email.

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